About Us

Rebelle, Jeune et Audacieux

Lost Destiny was born in the year 2020 from the hand of a couple of young people with the purpose of dressing the most daring people with a unique and rebellious style. Our vision is clear: Young, Daring and Rebel. Three characteristics that started from the base of this project. Aimed at people out of the ordinary. We started this project from a small room and eager to represent the unique style that characterizes urban fashion. Our slogan reflects our most concrete vision: think big and dream small. Because dreams are dreams and we are clear about what ours is, that’s why we have to think big to make it come true.

For us the word destiny represents life, energy, happiness, the past, the present and the future. The idea of ​​lost destiny comes from the reflection of where does life take us? a direction that we do not know, that is why we must not be ashamed, we must be rebellious and always stay young. You are who you are and nobody can ever change it, your personality reflects your style.

Our garments are designed by graphic artists who put all their inspiration to create “something unique” and that adapts to a casual, carefree and urban style that characterizes us.

We inspire rebellious fashion, we reinvent new designs, we don’t adapt to trends, we create the unique image that you deserve.

We are known for being clear, our inspiration comes from the big luxury brands and we merge that idea with urban fashion.

We are committed to equality by making all our garments unisex, that is, for men and women.

We do not like explanations and we offer an easy and free return to all products without asking for any explanation. (Optionally if you give it to us we would appreciate it to improve 🙂